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To help us learn what type of Italian Greyhound you would like to own/care for, please answer the following questions and 'copy' and 'paste' all the text below into the email box found in contact.


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What are you looking for in an Italian Greyhound?


When do you want to welcome your Italian Greyhound to your home?


Do you want an Italian Greyhound Puppy, an Adolescent, or a Mature Dog?


Do you want a Male or Female?


Do you have a colour preference?


Do you understand that your Skyefall puppy will be desexed before coming to you?     (Unless otherwise specified)

Are you open to being a Guardian, meaning your pet will be used in our breeding program? (read the 'Become a Guardian" page on my website).


Are you willing to commit to waiting on a waiting list?


Are you willing to put a 50% deposit on your allocated pup once it has been born?


Do you have other pets, family members, or children? If so, please provide details.


Are you renting or do you own your house? 


Do you live in an apartment building above the ground floor? If so, is there a balcony, and is it puppy proof?

Will someone be home during the day? How long would your  Italian Greyhound be home alone?


Do you travel, work long hours, or go out often?


Where will the Italian Greyhound be kept while you're not home?

Where will your Italian Greyhound toilet during the day?


Are you willing to learn and continue "Puppy Culture" training? 


How much time and dedication can you devote to your Italian Greyhound?


Do you live in the city, suburbs or on land? 


Do you have a fenced, 'puppy proofed' yard?


If not, where will your puppy be exercised?


Where will your puppy be kept (day & night)?


Do you have any comments or questions?


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Please Note:

Your pup will be ALLOCATED to you based on your needs and lifestyle.

As the Breeder, it is our responsibility to match the correct puppy with its home/family. You may have a preference, eg. Sex, Colour, Age, and this will be taken into account. 


Skyefall Italian Greyhoundas are available to their new homes between 8-10 weeks of age, once payed in full, (deposit + balance of puppy before or at pick up). 


Your Italian Greyhound puppy will have been health checked, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped. Further details to guide the new owner in the puppies’ health and well being are available in our 'Puppy Guidelines'. 

Skyefall puppies will be desexed before going to their new homes. 


Once the puppy is in possession of the new owner, all care and health/wellbeing concerns are the responsibility of the new owners from there on. We are here to support you with any questions you have along the way.


Skyefall Italian Greyhounds will try its best to provide you with the pup you are looking for.


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Christopher Gregory

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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