Things have been a bit slow in the breeding department this year, but looking into spring/summer 2021 and early 2022 we are looking forward and excited to welcome some new litters. I am in the process of reading questionnaire applications at the moment. So please bare with me as I take homing my puppies very seriously. 


Due to the over influx of people wanting to welcome puppies into their home due to COVID-19 lockdowns, I am even more so wary of making sure you and your family are the right fit for one of my puppies.  This will involve a number of screenings during the enquiry process, including photo proof of where the puppy will be living and kept to ensure it is happy and safe. I will only be choosing the best homes for my puppies. 

Our puppies are desexed prior to leaving my care to guarantee that they live a fulfilled life as a pet and do not end up in a puppy farm or backyard breeding situation once out of my care and control.

If you are interested in adopting a puppy from Skyefall Kennels, please send a completed questionnaire and click send at the bottom.

I have kept a very small waiting list, and have a number of return customers wanting a second puppy from me. If you feel I am the right breeder for you and you have been willing to wait then I will make you a priority. If you are just wanting any puppy from the quickest available then I am not the right breeder for you and I wish you all the best in finding a breeder and puppy that suits your needs.

Thank you, Chris.

Forrest X Stella babies


Our December 2020 Litter.
All puppies pre-sold through our application process.